Service Détaxe ELYZEA

Assistance in your VAT refund procedures

The right price for your purchases in France

An Elyzea greeter will assist you upon your arrival at the airport to facilitate your procedures in case of tax exemption. Indeed, if you have your habitual residence in a non-EU Member State, the VAT you should pay can be deducted from the price of the goods you buy in France.


On your departure, the visa from the customs office at the point of exit from the EU grants the seller the final benefit of VAT exemption. It is therefore possible for the seller to refund the tax refund under the presentation of the customs visa.


  • To be eligible for the tax refund, you must:

– Be a non-European resident,

– Be over 16 years old,

– Visit France or a country of the European Union for less than 6 months,

– Have made purchases of more than 175 € including VAT from the same merchant.


  • Be in possession on the day of your departure:

– Your boarding pass

– Your passport

– Have all the tax-free slips provided by the stores

– Have all goods to be presented to the customs officer in the event of an inspection


  • Two visa procedures coexist in France:

– The visa by a customs stamp;

– The electronic visa as part of the PABLO application (see La détaxe électronique en France pour les touristes – PABLO).


Your Elyzea greeter will accompany you to the airport in order to simplify the process.


Caution: All sellers do not practice tax-free selling. Similarly, the customs services are not responsible for refunding you the VAT relating to your purchases made in France. Only the merchant can refund this amount. We therefore advise you to let Elyzea’s greeter guides you in order to enjoy this service in complete peace of mind.